Dry Cleaning Facilities Assessment & Closure

SECI has conducted numerous assessments and remediation of dry cleaning facilities in the Chicago area. SECI has utilized soil vapor extraction and in-situ chemical oxidation to remediate Perchloroethylene (PCE) contaminated soils in areas where conventional excavation and off-site disposal was not feasible.

SECI has installed both active and passive vapor barrier systems to address the residual contamination beneath the floors of occupied buildings. SECI has negotiated Highway Authority Agreements and obtained Groundwater Ordinances to allow for closure of dry cleaning facilities under the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s – Voluntary Site Remediation Program.

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SECI has successfully re-mediated numerous Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites, dry cleaning facilities, Industrial properties including steel mills, low level radioactive sites, former manufacturing facilities, electroplating facilities, scrap yards (Automobile salvage yards), abandoned landfills, paint manufacturing plants and a former Nike missile base. SECI recently was approved as the project manager for the remediation of a Superfund Site in Northeastern Illinois.

Ronald W. Schrack, PE is the owner of Schrack Environmental Consulting and has been working in the environmental field since 1984. Mr. Schrack obtained a Bachelor's of Science Degree from The Ohio State University in 1985 and is registered as a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan

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